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Flatbed shipping for coast-to-coast deliveries with on-time arrival and reliable handling is what you will experience with Direct Drive Logistics truckload (FTL) brokers. We understand the strict timing requirements associated with OTR freight deliveries. Whether you are shipping to a job site or a warehouse, with our logistics company you can rest assured your freight will arrive on schedule with 24/7 realtime tracking of your shipment.

Connect freight to the top, most reliable flatbed owner-operators across the United States. Direct Drive Logistics coordinates reliable truck drivers and motor carriers to deliver flatbed freight safely and efficiently.


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Low-cost flatbed truck brokers in the US

Direct Drive Logistics arranges less than truckload (LTL), full truckload (FTL)  & heavy haul flatbed truck shipments to construction sites, warehouses, and facilities nationwide. Flatbed freight shipping solutions can be utilized for shipment of full or partial flatbed loads and can accommodate for on-time, accurate deliveries. Our logistics consulting company will handle all aspects of your flatbed hauling needs, taking the hassle out of freight transportation so you can concentrate on other demanding aspects of your business.

Naturally, cost is an important consideration. At Direct Drive Logistics, we frequently purchase a larger volume of flatbed services, resulting in increased cost savings for you through our high-volume procurement. There is a lot to consider when negotiating a fair price. The age of the equipment is often a factor. A newer truck usually costs more. In some cases, an older truck may be perfectly suitable, especially for lighter loads for shorter distances. DDL is extremely selective in the companies and drivers it chooses to work with, worrying about your freight and your rates at a level above and beyond your average logistics broker.

Partnering With the Right Flatbed Trucking Companies

When bankers want to make a loan, they do “due diligence” on the applicant, checking everything about the person. At Direct Drive Logistics, we do the same thing when we evaluate a flatbed trucking company for you. Our freight management specialists undertake thorough due diligence on all flatbed carriers. We complete this precise and necessary work so you won’t find it necessary. We will check all types of information about each prospective flatbed carrier, including their safety rating, minimum driver age & experience requirement, quality and type of flatbed equipment, years in business, and financial stability. Every one of these elements is carefully considered by our freight management experts to offer the services of only the best and strongest flatbed carriers.

Flatbed Shipping Costs: What a Broker Can do for You

Get peace of mind. Working with Direct Drive Logistics is simple. One phone call is all you need. Our freight management experts handle the planning, negotiating, and all other paperwork. Many clients also deeply appreciate the relaxed, friendly manner in which our freight management experts conduct business.

For flatbed shipping to deliver your shipment in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner, contact the freight management experts at Direct Drive Logistics.

Flatbed Logistics Consulting: Finding the Best Rates per Mile

Flatbed shipping has many advantages. The deck space is continuous so all sorts of materials and shipping containers can be shipped. Flatbed trucks are a great solution for shipping large and oversized loads 

Freight on flatbed trucks can be loaded with cranes so manual work is minimal. Also, flatbed trucks are extremely flexible. They can be loaded from above, behind or the sides.

If a traditional flatbed is not the perfect option for your freight, we have access to close variations on flatbed trailers:

  • Single drop step deck
  • Double drop deck
  • Pickup bed
  • Chassis
  • Conestoga (curtain side)

Establish a Wide Network of Reputable Flatbed Owner Operators

Over the years, we have established an excellent, nationwide network of responsible flatbed carriers who we know will deliver each shipment safely and on schedule.

The quality of each driver is extremely important. Many people are not aware there is a significant shortage of experienced and qualified drivers. This problem is nationwide. Many factors are causing this, including pay rates, lifestyle problems (time away from home, etc.), an aging population and the poor economic recovery. Driver turnover can significantly affect the quality of service provided by a flatbed carrier.

At Direct Drive Logistics, we look for carriers with an excellent record of employee retention. We only want to work with the safest, most professional, most experienced carriers. This assures much better safe driving skills, proper handling of shipments and on-schedule delivery. Our scrupulous vetting process explains our tremendous insurance claims rate. Direct Drive Logistics, as an independently insured logistics company, is your one point of contact for all logistics operations.

Flatbed Freight Shipping Trailer

3PL Company Monitors Your Flatbed Shipments from Start to Finish

Free online load boards might seem an attractive option to bypass the middleman, but they can't offer you the security or profitability of a reliable flatbed broker.

After we help you choose the right flatbed trucking service and the right vehicle, Direct Drive Logistics will take care of every single detail until your shipment reaches its destination.

We will carefully negotiate all additional side services which may be needed to complete the delivery. These can include dismantling, packing, loading, unloading, and more. On the other hand, side services may be part of the standard invoice (base rate). If these items are not needed, we will negotiate for additional discounts.

An experienced, capable freight management firm like Direct Drive Logistics will provide solid cost savings at every stage of each shipment.

As your partner in complete freight shipping solutions, Direct Drive Logistics provides the Over the Road trucking shipment services to get your freight moving.

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