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Outbound Logistics

Outbound logistics professional at Direct Drive LogisticsOutbound logistics is all about getting your products or raw materials from your warehouse to your customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. For most businesses, moving products from Point A to Point B means over the road shipping. With constantly variable factors like delays and fuel costs, it’s no wonder most businesses entrust their logistics to a 3PL provider.

Direct Drive Logistics is an experienced, reputable logistics specialist committed to moving shipments as efficiently and affordably as possible. It all starts with our driver vetting. We only work with experienced, proven, reliable drivers/owner operators who all carry insurance. Our 99% claim-free delivery record ought to put your mind at ease. 

If you’ve ever tried to hire a driver from an online load board, you’ll appreciate how easy and worry-free we make freight transit. No deadhead loads, no cross docking, no stop off charges, and no lying awake at night wondering if you'll be the next victim of fraud.  

Trailers and carriers we broker:

We Coordinate All Types of Shipments to All Destinations

Getting your freight to its destination safe and sound—and on time—is a Direct Drive Logistics specialty. We primarily work with over the road transport, but can also coordinate intermodal and international shipments. FTL or LTL, across town or cross-country, Direct Drive Logistics handles it all. 

Personalized Service a Direct Drive Logistics Specialty

While other logistics companies will shuffle you around to multiple brokers, from day one you have a single point of contact with Direct Drive Logistics. If you ever have a question or concern, you’ll get answers quickly. And thanks to real-time satellite tracking of every load, you’ll know exactly where your shipment is every mile of the way.

Contact Direct Drive Logistics to learn more about our outbound logistics services, or to request a logistics quote.

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