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When it comes to time constraint freight shipping of the crucial aspects of your business, you need the dedicated, efficient LTL freight brokers at Direct Drive Logistics. For larger expedited loads, Direct Drive Logistics delivers straight truck transportation. We broker LTL freight at the best rates, keeping a close eye on your shipments' progress from start to finish.

We post all available loads onto loadboards!

If you're a shipper looking for a broker to coordinate a shipment and get you the BEST rates, you've come to the right place. Please fill out a free quote form and you'll hear from us within 10 minutes.

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Connect freight to the top, most reliable box truck owner operators across the United States. Expedited freight brokers at Direct Drive Logistics coordinate reliable truck drivers and motor carriers to deliver straight truck freight safely and efficiently.

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Frustrated with Free Online Load Boards? You Aren’t Alone.

Box trucking load boards offer a low barrier of entry into the marketplace for shipping services. However, negotiating free online load boards for over the road straight truck shipments can be overwhelming and present a host of challenges for shippers and drivers alike.

Advantages of box truck load boards:

  • Many are free or require only a minimal monthly subscription
  • Low barrier of entry into the trucking industry
  • Available online 24/7

Disadvantages of box truck load boards:

  • Many load boards are NOT free or inexpensive
  • You are working with people you’ve never met
  • High competition and low profit margins
  • You work at a lower rate
  • There are hundreds and hundreds…which do you choose?

Still searching for the best load board for shippers? Give us a call and trust in a freight broker who will secure great rates for expedited and hot shot cargo EVERY TIME. We find box truck drivers and owner operators with a track record of delivering freight on time with no hassle.

Direct Drive Logistics provides the expedited shipping solution you need today with straight truck shipping options. Straight Truck expedited shipping has the haul to moving your shipping containers, skids and pallets at expedited speeds. Straight trucks have a weight capacity of up to 15,000 lbs. and trailer dimensions / measurements ideal for larger expedited loads. Direct Drive Logistics works with a reliable network of reputable expedited straight truck carriers to ensure your freight arrives safely and on time. Same day or next day freight shipments are achieved with Direct Drive Logistics straight truck shipment services.

Delivering Freight Solutions at Expedited Speeds

Straight truck expedited freight load

LTL freight brokers at Direct Drive provide expedited straight truck loads.

Guaranteed on-time deliveries across the city or across the country start with our woman owned logistics company. We provide the most direct solution to get your freight to its destination on time. You can rest assured knowing your freight is in good hands with our dedicated logistics consultants.

As a third-party logistics provider, Direct Drive Logistics aims to be your partner. You can count on us to improve your freight shipping efficiency, cost-effectiveness and timeliness. As with all freight shipments we broker, our dedicated logistics consultants track your expedited freight from pickup to delivery. With Direct Drive Logistics, you'll never wonder where your freight is, or when it's going to arrive.

3PL Supply Chain Management Brokers Offer Straight Trucks with Liftgates

Direct Drive Logistics offers straight trucks with liftgates to make loading and unloading easier and to decrease the chance of injury. It's also more cost-effective, as liftgates allow for one-man operation. Loading and unloading can be done with pallet jacks, dollys and other carts as opposed to legs and backs or forklifts. Depending on your cargo, Direct Drive supplies straight trucks with conventional fold-up, rail-gate, tuckaway or dump-through liftgates. 

Straight Truck Trailer Dimensions

22 - 26 feet

Expedited freight straight truck

96 - 102 inches
12.5 - 13.5 feet
Max Weight:
14,000 pounds
Max Pallets:
12 Pallets
Max Volume:
Approximately 1,700 cubic feet
Commodities Hauled: 
Furniture, office material, local vendor material, and much more.
Options include:
lift gates, vented trailers, and refrigeration.

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