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Meet Our LTL Team!

L to R: Jolie Semancik, Katie Kent, Will Hilbert

Not Pictured: Zac Roser



What Do you like most about working in LTL Freight?
  Jolie: I have developed a great relationship with my team and customers and I love helping them. Being able to provide great customer service to someone and knowing that I helped make their job easier is important to me. When a problem does come up or if I need something, I like knowing that my team is there to back me up.
KatieEvery shipment is different- bringing new challenges as well as opportunities to further develop knowledge of the industry

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Jolie: The first would be owning a resort on an island in the Caribbean.The second would be a nature photographer where I could travel the world.
Katie:Mortician – ha!
What does your “zen” time look like?
Jolie: Running is my zen.  I can go out and just be in my own head.  It is just me and my music or just me and sound of my footsteps pounding on the pavement.
Katie: Sitting in my rocking chair on the front porch listening to the trees sway with a good book in hand and dogs as company

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Jolie: Bora Bora in a heart beat.
Katie: Iceland



Nationwide Freight Broker & Logistics Consulting Partner

Direct Drive Logistics: A Freight Company That Cares

As freight volumes increase, companies continue to demand more effective freight transportation options to handle their business needs. And naturally, we respond immediately. Direct Drive Logistics delivers expert freight transportation solutions to get your company moving in the right direction.

When it comes to high standards of customer service, Direct Drive Logistics truly delivers. Every load we handle, from one skid of less than truckload (LTL) expedited freight to an international rail container, Direct Drive Logistics will be with you every mile of the way, as if it were our own freight. The bottom line is, we care. With Direct Drive Logistics, you can rest easy knowing your freight shipment is in good hands.

Direct Drive Logistics is your full service logistics provider:

Better Shipping Rates. Better Service.

Direct Drive Logistics will always look out for your best interests. We promise to bring to your attention any and all savings or efficiencies which may help YOU, our valued customer. We WILL contain your transportation costs.

Freight Brokerage Services for Shippers and Drivers Across the United States

We are the most customer focused logistics consulting company, and we take pride in our long-term customer relationships and continued business partnerships. Our freight brokerage company provides value-added freight shipping services by taking care of the complex tasks of finding carriers, tracking freight and resolving issues, so you don’t have to. As a woman-owned logistics company, we go out of our way to provide a level of personal attention rarely found in this industry. Ultimately, our customers’ success is the driving force behind Direct Drive Logistics.

Over the Road Trucking Broker

Over the Road Trucking Brokers

Freight brokers at Direct Drive Logistics only work with the best owner operators in the country to move expedited and heavy freight across the United States quickly and safely. Every minute of the day and night, our trailers are out there hauling freight. With a 99% claim-free delivery record, why risk it with anyone else?


If you are a manufacturer of heavy landscaping equipment, you are looking for reliable, cost-effective transport to move your bulldozers, Bobcats or backhoes to buyers safely and efficiently. Direct Drive Logistics has experienced, proven, 100% vetted owner operators for moving heavy equipment and any other oversized loads you may need shipped.

Expedited Trucking Freight Broker

Expedited Trucking Brokers

Even the most efficiently managed businesses occasionally run into problems with part defects or shortages. The assembly line stalls and the customer ultimately suffers the consequences. You need logistics brokers to expedite shipments as soon as possible. You need Direct Drive Logistics.


When you need to ship hot shot freight but can't fill a full load, you need a logistics company offering less than truckload (LTL) freight solutions. The experts at Direct Drive Logistics have many different means to ship your expedited freight. Cargo vans and sprinter vans are Direct Drive’s quickest shipping options for smaller hot shot items.

Intermodal Domestic Freight Broker

Intermodal Trucking Brokers

When you need freight shipped over long distances, you need a logistics company that keeps your cargo moving no matter the obstacles. Direct Drive coordinates domestic intermodal containers to move your valuable cargo across country.


Our ability to put together high paying loads utilizing several different kinds of shipping containers enables us to minimize your shipping costs and maximize your revenue. Trust the freight brokers at Direct Drive Logistics to optimize your shipping budget and keep more money in your pocket.

International Ocean Air Freight Broker

International Shipping Brokers

From ocean air freight from the West Coast of the United States to Tokyo or air freight over the Canadian Rockies, Direct Drive Logistics is the international freight broker you've been looking for deliver the best results at the best rates.


Looking for a customs broker shipping to and from Mexico? Our location in Laredo, Texas puts us in the perfect position to broker over the road freight heading over the border. We make international freight shipments plain and simple while minimizing liability with our independent insurance.

Freight Forwarding for Shippers and Carriers Across the USA

Need to ship a high volume of goods quickly? Direct Drive Logistics can handle it. Our freight forwarders put together high-paying loads to ship hot shot freight at expedited speeds. Direct Drive Logistics knows how to handle all types of high-priority shipping needs. We will coordinate owner operators and our many different shipping containers to get your hot shot freight shipped quickly, safely and securely.

LTL Truck Load Freight Broker

LTL Freight Brokers

Direct Drive Logistics' freight brokers coordinate LTL shipments using expedited freight carriers like cargo vans, Sprinter vans, flatbeds, tractor trailers and box trucks.

Full Truckload FTL Freight Broker

Full Truckload (FTL) Freight Brokers

Our freight transportation brokers negotiate shipments across state lines, tracking and monitoring trucks transporting full truckload cargo all across the US.

Logistics Consultants Provide Intermodal Shipping Options

Hauls taking a week by road alone take only days with intermodal trailers. With access to many different modes of transport, Direct Drive Logistics gets your expedited freight shipped efficiently by road, railroad track or sea using a range of intermodal containers:

  • 20 ft—holds 10 pallets
  • 40 ft—holds 20 pallets
  • 45 ft—holds 24 pallets
  • 53 ft—holds 30 pallets

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to cut costs. If materials or labor is significantly cheaper overseas or from another part of the country, they must consider the shipping costs. An inefficient logistics company may not provide shipping charges low enough to justify purchasing cheaper materials from further away. Direct Drive Logistics provides manufacturers the opportunity to take advantage of the lower costs. We use the flexibility of intermodal container carriers to ship heavy cargo over land or sea. Loads can be transferred from ship to train to semi-trailer with no time lost loading and unloading. Direct Drive also knows how to navigate the effects of fuel costs on logistics to get you the lowest prices and best service in the industry.

A Partnership in Supply Chain Management

Manufacturers routinely incur stealth losses from substandard logistics: deadhead drivers, cross docking, freight damage and stop off charges all take a toll on your bottom line. Our freight broker experts know how to eliminate negative results of poor planning.

We work tirelessly to avoid loss of revenue from work-stopping situations. Our logistics professionals get your shipments on the move, and keep them on the move. No matter the situation, Direct Drive does everything possible to minimize your costs and maximize your revenue. 

Experience highly dependable, flexible shipping and the personal, caring attention of a Direct Drive Logistics solution. Contact our logistics consultants to get your freight moving in the right direction.

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