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Direct Drive Logistics is your partner for shipping & transportation services, from freight brokerage all the way to full-service 3PL management. As your dedicated private independent logistics company, we are your single point of contact for all shipments coming to or from Dallas.

  • We are independently insuredWe carry our own policies for Primary cargo/auto/errors and omissions. This gives you ONE point of contact for all cargo claims.
  • Real-time tracking We offer easily accessible real-time tracking on all shipments so you have complete assurance in the safety and timeliness of the delivery. 
  • One-on-one personal serviceThe biggest & largest logistics companies in the world will bounce you around to a handful of reps who have no relationship with you or your company. Our service is personal, respectful, and 100% accountable from delivery to destination.

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Direct Drive Logistics is a full-service logistics provider in Dallas

Dallas logistics company for international & domestic shipping

Your Partner for US Domestic & International Freight Solutions

Located in the United States, Direct Drive Logistics boasts the reach of an international American logistics company with local personal service that can't be matched. We are a 100% independently insured logistics outsource solution for companies in many different industries; we are flexible to accommodate YOUR business’ needs – whether it’s brokering a single domestic shipment to or from Dallas or forming a full-fledged 3PL partnership with diverse needs in trucking, air, ocean or rail freight. Direct Drive Logistics offers freight broker service and logistic solutions for Texas including Dallas to Boston, Dallas to Charlotte, Dallas to Chicago, Dallas to Cincinnati, Dallas to Cleveland, Dallas to Denver, Dallas to Detroit, Dallas to Houston, Dallas to Indianapolis, Dallas to Kansas City, Dallas to Las Vegas, Dallas to Miami, Dallas to Milwaukee, Dallas to Minneapolis, Dallas to New York, Dallas to Orlando, Dallas to Philidelphia, Dallas to Phoenix, Dallas to Pittsburg, Dallas to Portland, Dallas to Sacremento, Dallas to Salt Lake City, Dallas to San Antonio, Dallas to San Diego, Dallas to San FranciscoDallas to Tampa and Dallas to Washington DC.    

For the best service at the lowest cost; Direct Drive Logistics is the partner you want for all your shipping needs. Get a free freight logistics quote on Dallas, TX shipments.

Shipping To and From Dallas

Moving freight in Dallas requires working with specialists who understand the region's immense size and complicated routing. From navigating oversized/overweight permits across Texas to avoiding congested interstates around Dallas-Fort Worth, shipping here has many quirks. But that's no problem for Direct Drive Logistics - we handle intricate Dallas freight challenges daily. Our team masters routing intricacies like height-limited bridges, commercial vehicle restrictions in Uptown and Downtown and weight limits on aging roads. We coordinate with Texas DOT officials to seamlessly secure any oversize/overweight cargo permits.

Shipping from Dallas, TX to Mexico

Direct Drive Logistics has the expertise you need for efficient cross-border shipping from Dallas, TX to Mexico. With warehousing and transportation assets in the Dallas area, we specialize in timely deliveries to Mexico. Our Laredo, TX location allows our team to expertly manage customs clearance and documentation for your Mexico-bound cargo. With decades of experience in cross-border logistics, you can trust us to handle every detail so you can focus on your core business. From reliable trucks driven by licensed, vetted drivers to real-time tracking and direct delivery coordination into all major Mexican hubs, Direct Drive Logistics has you covered.

Special Considerations for Oversized Loads

On Texas highways, trucks are subject to specific maximum dimensions without a permit. Trucks are limited to 8 feet 6 inches. The height limit for all trucks is 14 feet. Length restrictions vary, from 45 feet for single motor vehicles to 65 feet for certain combinations. Weight limits are set at 80,000 pounds gross weight, with axle-specific restrictions. While certain length limits can be increased with a permit, others, along with semi-trailer length and weight restrictions, cannot. Trucks must maintain a minimum spacing of 40 inches between axles within a group.

Trucking Permits in Dallas

On Dallas highways, specific maximum dimensions are allowed with the appropriate permit according to the Texas Department of Transportation. During holidays, the maximum width is set at 14 feet, excluding manufactured housing, while on controlled-access highways (Interstate Highway System), it is 16 feet, except for manufactured housing. Without a route inspection certification on file, a maximum width of 20 feet is permitted. Regarding height, the limit during holidays is 16 feet, and without a route inspection certification, it is 18 feet, 11 inches. For length, the maximum during holidays is 110 feet, with a limit of 75 feet for trucks or single vehicles, a front overhang of 25 feet and a rear overhang of 30 feet. Without a route inspection certification, the maximum length is 125 feet.

Dallas Shipping Options

Over the Road (OTR) Truck

Direct Drive Logistics is a trusted ground freight management partner in Dallas providing a comprehensive range of freight management solutions with its dedicated logistics team and reliable carrier network. Direct Drive Logistics ensures efficient and cost-effective delivery for shipments of various specifications. Choose from a range of trailers and shipping containers- we have the best options for all your shipping needs.

Full Truckload (FTL) Freight

Direct Drive Logistics has custom FTL freight shipping solutions to propel your business forward. We’ll monitor your shipment from coast-to-coast to ensure your shipment is delivered on time and handled with care.

Light Truckload (LTL) Freight

Direct Drive Logistics brings affordable shipment options to Dallas with our Volume LTL shipping option. With LTL shipping solutions from Direct Drive Logistics, you get the same reliable shipping service and dedicated customer service team at a lower cost than our other shipping options.

Expedited Freight

When you need cargo moved fast, Direct Drive Logistics handles the job. We understand the urgency of high-priority shipping, so we offer expedited freight shipping with responsive, personalized service from our logistics team. Direct Drive Logistics will make sure your rush shipment gets delivered safely and on time.

Refrigerated Freight

Whether you’re shipping food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or art, Direct Drive Logistics has the temperature-controlled freight carriers you need to get your shipment to its destination safely, responsibly and efficiently. We work with carriers to get your shipments stored, transported and delivered according to your exact specifications.

Heavy Haul Shipments

Direct Drive Logistics is the best provider of heavy haul shipping solutions in Dallas. When you need a reliable carrier for your heaviest cargo and oversize loads, we call on our network of vetted, experienced drivers to get your shipment to its destination safely.

Power-Only Freight

We have power-only trucking options, no matter where you are. Get safe and reliable delivery and flexible power-only solutions with Direct Drive Logistics.

Produce Shipments

When you’re shipping produce, you rely on quality service. Direct Drive Logistics provides excellent customer service and ensures your shipment is stored and transported according to your specific needs and food safety regulations. For a produce delivery you can be proud of, call Direct Drive Logistics.

Logistics Consulting

Hire Direct Drive Logistics as an outside consulting firm to determine your potential capability as a 1PL or consider an outsource solution. We're a US-based logistics company that reaches international shores, with personal service that can't be matched. We understand the needs of a variety of international and domestic businesses and industries and can help you thrive.

Improve your Shipping

Full-Service Freight Logistics Provider

Tell us what you need, and we'll handle it. DDL has more 3PL capabilities than any other in supply chain management. Capabilities including:

  • Fulfillment
  • Warehousing
  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Comprehensive consulting

We are exactly who you need us to be, where you need us to be in. Let's discuss how we can help you accomplish the shipping needs of YOUR business.

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A Larger Network of Carriers Allows for More Shipping Capabilities

DDL is prepared to handle shipments of all shapes and sizes using a variety of shipping containers. From our connections across the nation, to top independently owned operators, to our own asset-based trucking fleet; DDL has the solutions for you.