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45 ft Intermodal Container Carriers

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Loads for 45 ft intermodal containers
Intermodal carriers for international shipping solutions.

Freight Brokers Offer Versatile 45 ft Intermodal Container Carriers

For long shipping journeys across country, you need a competent logistics company to get your freight to its destination in as little time as possible. If dispatchers can only move your freight in a tractor trailer or 53’ long box, they are limiting your ability to transport time-sensitive, valuable goods. You need options, and a logistics company with the means to acquire them.

Direct Drive Logistics offers 45 foot intermodal container carriers for multi-dimensional applications to keep your cargo en route to the destination as quickly as possible. Intermodal 45 ft container loads can be transferred from ship to train to truck and back again with no time wasted on loading and unloading.

We offer several different sized intermodal containers, including 20 ft, 40 ft and 53 ft carriers. Depending on your total amount of freight and the availability of owner operators in the area, we get your valuable freight onto the right freight carrier for your needs.

Shipping Budget Streamlined and Optimized by North American Logistics Company

Direct Drive Logistics has developed a stellar reputation for providing logistics services getting hot shot, expedited, heavy duty or bulky freight on target to its destination as quickly as possible. We work with you from start to finish to ensure your valuable cargo gets where it needs to go with no wasteful cross docking, deadheads or freight damage.

By utilizing 45 ft intermodal containers in conjunction with our many other means of transportation, we can choose the most logical, safest option to move your valuable goods. If you need to ship freight through a high density area, it may be best to move cargo by train rather than by truck. Using intermodal containers, our logistics company can switch over from truck to train until roads are less congested, and move back to truck transport.

No matter your unique requirements, Direct Drive Logistics is available around the clock to ensure your valuable freight continues on the best path toward the target destination. No other logistics company works harder to ensure you minimize shipping costs and maximize revenue.

Call our freight brokers today to find out more details about our intermodal shipping services.

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