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3PL Logistics Company & Freight Broker in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Direct Drive is a trusted 3PL logistics company and freight broker in Manitoba. we specialize in seamlessly connecting businesses with the most efficient and reliable supply chain services. Our commitment to excellence is showcased through our comprehensive range of services, including freight brokerage, intermodal logistics, drayage shipping and international trade consultation.

  • We are independently insuredWe carry our own policies for Primary cargo/auto/errors and omissions. This gives you ONE point of contact for all cargo claims.
  • Real-time tracking We offer easily accessible real time tracking on all shipments so you have complete assurance in the safety and timeliness of the delivery. 
  • One-on-one personal serviceThe biggest & largest logistics companies in the world will bounce you around to a handful of reps who have no relationship with you or your company. Our service is personal, respectful, and 100% accountable from delivery to destination.


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3rd Party Logistics Company in Winnipeg
Freight Broker & Logistics Company in Winnipeg

Direct Drive Logistics has established ourselves as a leading freight broker and 3rd party logistics (3PL) company in Winnipeg, offering a comprehensive set of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. As a trusted partner, we excel in optimizing supply chain processes and streamlining distribution networks. From warehousing solutions to transportation management, Direct Drive Logistics offers a holistic approach to enable businesses to focus on the core operations while leaving the complexities of logistics in expert hands. Experience the DDL difference:

  • 99% claim free delivery record
  • Response time within 10 minutes
  • Independently insured drivers
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • One-on-one service

Integrated logistics is used to define the logistical services we offer, including drayage, inbound, outbound and our consulting services. We work directly with our network of carriers to handle your shipments whether you need it shipped by truck, van, plane or train.

Mode of Shipment

Intermodal logistics

Intermodal transportation has emerged as a game-changer in modern logistics. Direct Drive Logistics leverages the power of intermodal logistics to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. By seamlessly combining different modes of transportation—such as rail, road and sea—goods are efficiently moved across vast distances, reducing transit times and minimizing carbon footprint. This approach aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices while ensuring customer demands are met promptly and reliably.

Winnipeg is a logistics hub home to the largest trimodal inland port in North America. Winnipeg, as a shipping hub, offers many advantages:

  • Winnipeg is the only major city between Thunder Bay and Vancouver with direct rail connections to the United States via three Class 1 carriers; CN, CP and BNSF
  • Manitoba is a major hub for CN’s transcontinental rail network
  • Winnipeg boasts Canada’s second-highest number of dedicated cargo flights.
  • Manitoba is the home to seven of Canada’s top 100 for-hire trucking companies, including two of the top 10 trucking firms

Here at Direct Drive Logistics, we pride ourselves in our ability to facilitate intermodal freight shipments all across North America.

Shipping Container Size & Pallet Count
Specs 20 ft. int’l container40 ft. int’l container45 ft. int’l container
Standard GMA Pallets (48” x 40”) 8-10 18-20 20-22
48” x 48” Pallets 8-10 18-20 20-22
42” x 42” Pallets 8-10 18-20 20-22
Approx. Max Payload 62,000 lbs 63,000 lbs 60,000 lbs
Capacity Volume 1,172 ft3 2,391 ft3 3,036 ft3

Drayage Shipping Solutions

Direct Drive Logistics is a specialized drayage company in Winnipeg, excelling in container drayage services. Drayage, a critical link in the intermodal chain, involves the short-distance transportation of goods between ports, terminals and distribution centers. Our expertise in drayage enables us to provide swift and efficient solutions to bridge the gap between various modes of transportation. With a strong focus on optimizing last-mile delivery, Direct Drive Logistics plays a pivotal role in ensuring goods reach their final destinations seamlessly.

Inbound Shipping to Winnipeg

Navigating the complexities of inbound shipping requires strategic planning and precision. Direct Drive Logistics is the expert for businesses seeking to streamline inbound logistics. By leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we ensure goods flow seamlessly into Winnipeg, optimizing inventory management and reducing operational costs. Our agile solutions are tailored to each client's specific requirements, ensuring inbound shipments are efficiently managed and processed.

Outbound Shipping from Winnipeg

The outbound journey of goods is just as critical as the inbound voyage. Direct Drive Logistics offers outbound shipping solutions designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs. Our integrated approach combines transportation, warehousing and distribution strategies to ensure products leave Winnipeg and reach global markets in a timely and cost-effective manner. With a deep understanding of the intricacies involved, we are a trusted partner in navigating the challenges of outbound logistics.

Vehicles for your Shipping Needs

Direct Drive Logistics has a diverse fleet of vehicles to cater to a wide range of shipping requirements. Our fleet includes:

  • Over the Road (OTR) Trucks: OTR long-haul trucks are equipped to cover extensive distances, making them ideal for cross-country shipments.
  • Full Truckload (FTL) Freight: FTL shipments utilize the full capacity of a truck, offering a dedicated solution for businesses with large quantities of goods.
  • Less Than Truckload (LTL): LTL shipping optimizes space by combining smaller shipments from multiple customers into a single truckload.
  • Expedited Freight: Expedited freight services ensure swift delivery to meet tight deadlines.
  • Refrigerated Freight: Temperature-sensitive goods are well maintained through Direct Drive Logistics' refrigerated trucks.
  • Heavy Haul Shipments: For oversized or heavy cargo, specialized heavy haul trucks ensure secure transportation.
  • Power-Only Freight: This service provides the flexibility to move trailers without the tractor, offering efficiency and cost savings.
  • Produce Shipments: Direct Drive Logistics understands the unique requirements of transporting perishable goods and provides tailored solutions.

International freight broker & logistics consultant

Direct Drive Logistics goes beyond domestic logistics, serving as an international freight broker and logistics consultant. With a deep understanding of cross-border trade regulations, customs procedures and international shipping protocols, we guide businesses through the complexities of global supply chains. Our expertise ensures goods flow seamlessly across the Canadian and American border, enabling smooth cross-border trade.

Transporting Products across the Canadian and American Border

Navigating customs and border regulations is a challenge Direct Drive Logistics adeptly manages. As a logistics company, we are well-versed in the intricacies of transporting products across the Canadian and American border. By handling customs documentation, duties and compliance requirements, we eliminate the hurdles that often impede the flow of goods between these two neighboring nations. This expertise not only expedites the shipping process but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Your Trusted Logistics Company & Freight Broker in Winnipeg

As a leading Winnipeg freight broker and logistics company, our commitment to optimizing supply chains, streamlining transportation and ensuring seamless cross-border trade has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses across industries. With a focus on tailored solutions and a dedication to excellence, Direct Drive Logistics continues to drive the wheels of commerce forward in Winnipeg and beyond.

Logistics Consulting

Hire Direct Drive Logistics as an outside consulting firm to determine your potential capability as a 1PL or consider an outsource solution. We're a US-based logistics company that reaches international shores, with personal service that can't be matched. We understand the needs of a variety of international and domestic businesses and industries and can help you thrive.

Improve your Shipping

Full-Service Freight Logistics Provider

Tell us what you need, and we'll handle it. DDL has more 3PL capabilities than any other in supply chain management. Capabilities including:

  • Fulfillment
  • Warehousing
  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Comprehensive consulting

We are exactly who you need us to be, where you need us to be in. Let's discuss how we can help you accomplish the shipping needs of YOUR business.

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A Larger Network of Carriers Allows for More Shipping Capabilities

DDL is prepared to handle shipments of all shapes and sizes using a variety of shipping containers. From our connections across the nation, to top independently owned operators, to our own asset-based trucking fleet; DDL has the solutions for you.