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Direct Drive Logistics is connected to the best box truck carriers nationwide ready to collect, carry and deliver your freight. Whether you need a quick hotshot delivery or are planning a delivery across the country, we’ll be partnered with you every step of the way. We are independently insured and only trust our verified network of trusted box truck drivers to carry your freight. With our years of experience and thousands of deliveries, Direct Drive Logistics maintains a 99% claim-free delivery rate.

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Shipping of Sensitive Products with Straight (Box) Truck Freight Carriers

Logistics Company Helps You Ship Box Truck Loads on Time

When everything goes to plan, your shipment process moves as smoothly as a Swiss watch. You’ve scheduled your shipments in advance and planned a full truckload of products. Everything should go on without a hitch.

Unfortunately, things go wrong. People make mistakes. Sometimes you’re in a pinch and need to ship a small number of goods very quickly. Resorting to a less than truckload (LTL) shipment results in a less efficient shipment time and extra costs. Our straight truck shipping solutions are specifically designed for these shipping emergencies to maximize the value and benefit of your trip.

No matter the scenario, Direct Drive Logistics will get you a quote within 10 minutes and set you up with the best freight shipping carrier available, solving your shipping emergencies and keeping money in your pocket.

Direct Drive Logistics Works with Carrier Companies to Optimize Trucking Operations

When your shipment needs to be expedited, you don’t have the time to figure out the perfect, cost-effective plan on your own. Our team of expedited shipping professionals will help you find the solution with Class B and C straight truck loads, sleeper straight trucks with lift gates or box trucks with the ability to deliver small, high-priority shipments.

Time is money, and no one understands better than the experts at Direct Drive Logistics. We optimize shipping time by catering our plans to your specific shipping needs. Rely on us to maximize the efficiency of your shipment no matter the shape, size or quantity of your deliverables.

Expedited Freight Brokers Equip Box Trucks with Liftgates

Straight trucks from Direct Drive Logistics are outfitted with hydraulic liftgates to maximize the efficiency of our loading and unloading process. Liftgates allow your shipments to be handled almost entirely by one-man teams to reduce labor costs. And allowing machinery to handle the heavy lifting keeps your freight and our staff safe.

Box Trucks Move Cargo at Expedited Speeds

Straight truck expedited shipping hauls your skids, pallets and shipping containers at accelerated speeds. Straight trucks have the capability of carrying up to 15,000 pounds in freight. Many feature air ride suspension, minimizing the potential for damage during shipping. We work with a reputable network of straight truck carriers to make sure your freight arrives safely and on time.

Straight trucks feature the following specifications:

  • Length: 22-26 feet
  • Width: 96-102 inches
  • Height: 12.5 - 13.5 feet
  • Max Weight: 14,000 lbs
  • Max Pallets: 12 pallets
  • Max Volume: about 1,700 cubic feet

We follow your shipment from start to finish, monitoring its progress and reporting its status to you when you demand it. With the help of the professionals at Direct Drive Logistics, your shipments will constantly be on the move, limiting your costs and maximizing revenue.

Work with the logistics experts at Direct Drive Logistics to streamline your shipping operations today. Contact us for a free logistics quote.

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