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Full Truckload (FTL) Freight Brokers for Domestic & International Shipments

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Value-added truckload freight shipping with exceptional care, quality, and dependability

Direct Drive Logistics provides affordable and reliable full truckload (FTL) freight shipping services from coast to coast. Our dedicated freight logistics consultants follow your shipment every step of the way, treating your shipment as if it was our own. Rest easy with your freight in our hands and get your truckload freight shipments moving today.

Our dedicated freight brokering team and our network of trusted, experienced owner-operators handle your freight with attention to detail and care so all you have to do is look forward to hearing from your happy customers when your shipment arrives. No guesswork, no hassle, just proactive solutions for your most important freight.

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Trucking Options for Your FTL Shipment

We simplify your truckload freight shipping needs by managing the entire fleet of full truckload carriers from start to finish. With Direct Drive Logistics, you receive personal, fast, efficient communication, from confirmation to follow-up until delivery, updating you along the way until on-schedule arrival. We promise to inform you of any and all savings or efficiencies which may help contain your transportation costs.

As we only deal with driver direct shipping, you can assure your freight is handled with care and will arrive in the same condition as was loaded. No matter what your freight shipment is, we have the expert truckload freight shipping resources to fit your freight transportation needs nationwide from flatbed trucks to temperature-controlled trucks.

We Coordinate Your FTL Shipments From Start to Finish

At Direct Drive Logistics, our logistics consultants keep you informed every step of the way and anticipate potential roadblocks to avoid them before they occur. Our network of drivers are the best in the business, getting your shipments delivered safely, on time, and exactly as you’ve requested.

Affordable FTL Options For Any Shipment

When you’ve got a shipment under 80,000 lbs. and need to get it on the road fast, DDL is the only call you’ll need to make. FTL shipping with Direct Drive Logistics means faster shipping, a lower price per pound than LTL shipping options, discounts, high-priority treatment and fast response times to any challenges that come our way.

Secure, Confident, Insured Shipping with 24/7 Tracking

Choose DDL for your FTL shipping needs and leave the stress behind. Our freight brokers are experienced and knowledgeable, and they’ll keep a constant watchful eye on your LTL freight while maintaining all communications with your driver.

Truckload FTL Carriers: Finding the Best Rates, Companies, and Drivers

Figuring out if you have an FTL shipment is easy. If your shipment is big enough to fill all the space in the truck and will be transported by itself, it’s FTL. Figuring the cost is a different animal.

The maximum weight that an FTL shipment can be depends on a few factors, but is typically around 45,000 pounds. The gross weight limit is 80,000 pounds, which refers to the total weight of the truck with loaded cargo. That includes the cab, cargo, and even the diesel which can add an additional thousand pounds of weight with a full tank. When you partner with us our professional freight brokers handle these logistical concerns to ensure your delivery arrives on time and intact. If your shipment exceeds the 80,000 pound weight limit we will find a heavy-haul shipping option suitable for your cargo.

Rates usually differ by location and destination. If the driver has to deadhead back, the rate would be higher. Another cost is additional services like tailgating or driver unloading. These are added to the rate per mile. Additionally, a stop-off charge is incurred whenever the driver stops. Out-of-route costs are also charged. These services are quoted in advance to provide an accurate quote. Our professional FTL freight brokers are experts at coordinating shipping schedules between carriers to avoid as many deadhead loads as possible to save you money.

FTL transit times are typically faster than LTL because there are no stops. The price per pound is significantly less. Going with the option of LTL shipping has a statistically higher chance of a claim because of increased handling (more trips across a dock).   DDL is highly selective in its choice of shipping partners and works only with the most trusted and reliable freight companies.

FTL Shipping Brokers: The Importance of an Expert Logistics Consultant

A solid FTL freight broker like Direct Drive Logistics can help you overcome FTL shipping challenges. Sometimes there is not enough available equipment. Costs can fluctuate. The economy is only improving slowly. Many companies are shipping more goods, but FTL carriers have not been able to replace drivers and equipment quickly enough which were lost during the economic downturn.

Direct Drive Logistics has developed a large network of qualified FTL shipping companies that are stable, experienced, and responsible.

Lower cost is an excellent benefit provided by our experienced freight management specialists. We purchase a tremendous amount of shipping, passing along volume price discounts to you. No individual client could approach these savings. Not only is this a dollar benefit, but it is also a persuasive element. When a large-scale broker like Direct Drive Logistics goes to bat for you, you’ll be treated as a much larger shipper than you are. This results in better coordination, a higher priority for your shipment and faster response to any difficult challenges.

Truckload Freight Quotes: Call or Contact Online

Direct Drive Logistics can help you plan any type of truckload shipment. This saves you from the time-consuming hassle of trying to find the best combination of carrier, lane, and type of truck. Our objective is the same as yours – to find the best price and solution faster and with the certainty you desire.

Our freight management specialists have everything needed to make shipping your FTL load as easy and affordable as possible -- a nationwide network of licensed carriers, state-of-the-art technology, and decades of practical experience to quickly and accurately give you the information you need. Our freight brokers know how to effectively help you with each of your unique shipping needs, planning the best procedures and then flawlessly executing them. In addition, our service is friendly and relaxed. We do everything we can to provide you with the greatest degree of peace of mind.  Just give us your order…and your stress. We’ll handle both!

We can handle your entire book of freight shipping business and also cut your costs. You won’t lose a bit of efficiency, cost-effectiveness or time. Our freight experts work with local, regional, and national truckload carriers in all parts of America to secure the best rates. We'll handle every bit of needed paperwork including customs for international shipments, schedule pickup and delivery, and update you constantly on your shipment.

Direct Drive Logistics is your best source for cost effective, expertly handled FTL shipments to anywhere in the nation. Contact us today for a free logistics quote.