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Flatbed Carriers

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Loads for flat bed trailers
Flatbed carriers ship oversized freight too large for a standard dry van.

Freight Brokers Ship Extra Wide and Heavy Cargo on Flatbed Carriers

Do you need to move extra wide cargo too big to fit in a standard 53’ long box trailer? The freight experts at Direct Drive Logistics helps you move that cargo just as quickly utilizing standard and step deck flatbed trailers. We coordinate owner operators with constantly changing shipping schedules to put together high paying flatbed loads. Without a competent logistics company organizing your freight schedule, shipments will be made inefficiently and you will lose money. Work with us and keep money in your pocket.

The flatbed carrier experts at Direct Drive Logistics are your partner for all of your full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) shipping needs. We deliver flatbed loads nationwide, getting your hot shot and heavy cargo where it needs to go in the least amount of time.

No matter if your freight is going from New York to California or Florida to Texas, Direct Drive Logistics is there for you from start to finish to make sure your freight keeps moving on the right shipping carriers, optimizing your freight budget.

Flatbed Carriers and Step Deck Trailers Ship Heavy Freight of All Sizes

Flatbed trailers provide companies with the capability of shipping extra-large freight and cargo too big for standard 53’ long box containers. Step deck flatbed trucks are used to move extra tall items that cannot clear bridges on a standard flatbed. Depending on your cargo and the expected route, Direct Drive Logistics coordinates with owner operators in the area to put your heavy freight on the most sensible vehicle for shipment.

We have years of experience coordinating intersecting and conflicting shipping schedules, helping companies sort out confusion and get valuable heavy cargo where it needs to go as quickly as possible. Put your heavy freight in our hands and we’ll make sure it keeps moving and keeps money in your pocket.

Heavy Cargo Freight Brokers Get You High Paying Flatbed Loads

Nothing is more frustrating for companies than the stealthy expenses building up from a lack of coordination within their shipping department. Cross docking means more time spent by your freight parked on a dock waiting to be delivered to a waiting customer. Deadhead issues waste driver hours shipping empty trailers. Irresponsible packaging or poor drivers damage freight and postpone shipment.

The freight professionals at Direct Drive Logistics work diligently to eliminate these wasteful problems and keep your hot shot and heavy freight on the road and toward the target destination. We know how to work out the kinks of an inefficient shipping operation and turn it around into profitability.

You can’t afford to allow lackluster coordination within your shipping department siphon away profits. We help you optimize your shipping system and turn inefficiency into high paying flatbed loads to limit unnecessary expenses and make you money. Get your freight moving—call Direct Drive Logistics today!

Contact our flatbed freight experts at Direct Drive to find out how we can streamline your shipping budget.

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