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45 ft International Intermodal Carriers

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Loads for 45 ft international containers
Freight brokers coordinate 45 ft international carriers for overseas shipping.

45 ft International Containers for High Volume Overseas Shipping Solutions

Direct Drive Logistics is your partner for all of your full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) shipping solutions, domestically and internationally. Whether you need cargo shipped over land or sea, our logistics company find the right freight carrier for you. We coordinate the finest owner operators and several different sizes of intermodal containers to ship freight quickly and efficiently worldwide. 

When you need ship a large quantity of heavy duty, valuable goods overseas, our dispatchers load your freight onto 45 ft international shipping containers—our largest international shipping container—and get your cargo shipped with as little overhead as possible. Our ability to move large amounts of cargo with the fewest unnecessary expenses maximizes your revenue, keeping money in your pocket other logistics companies can't protect. 

Intermodal Containers Provide Highly Versatile Shipping Options

The great advantage of intermodal containers is their capability of being transferred from ship to train to truck with very little downtime because there's no time spent loading and unloading freight. Not only does it save time, but potential loss as well. With so much less direct handling of shipments, the opportunity for freight damage plummets.

Direct Drive Logistics gets you the highest paying 45 ft international intermodal loads by eliminating unnecessary costs and utilizing different sizes of intermodal containers. If you can only fill 75% of a 45 ft intermodal carrier for a journey overseas, it may be necessary to combine shipments with another partial container on a similar path, or downgrade to a 40 ft intermodal container. 

Our logistics brokers go to extraordinary lengths to ensure your freight is shipped intelligently and efficiently, minimizing your costs and maximizing revenue.

Freight Brokers Coordinate Worldwide Owner Operators for International Shipments

Direct Drive Logistics has years of experience putting together complex shipping schedules intelligently to get freight shipped safely and quickly. Our dispatchers know how to coordinate resources to minimize costs and keep freight moving towards its destination with no hiccups. We work around the clock monitoring your shipments from departure to destination. 

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