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45 ft Container: International Logistics Consulting

Simplify your international shipping with Direct Drive Logistics. Our 45-foot shipping containers offer secure, cost-effective transportation for large-scale ocean freight.

Our logistics experts closely collaborate with you to understand your unique requirements and then tap into our expansive carrier partnerships to connect your cargo with reliable intermodal trucks and drivers for smooth port transfers. Partner with us for flexible 45-foot containers to reduce supply chain risks and simplify exporting. We provide end-to-end visibility and expertise so you can focus on growing your business abroad.

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International Shipping Partner for Every Step

Direct Drive Logistics simplifies global shipping so you can focus on your core business. Our comprehensive import and export services make reaching new markets smooth and efficient.

With Direct Drive as your logistics partner, you don’t have to navigate the complexities of international freight alone. Our experienced teams oversee your cargo’s journey at every step - from origin to destination port. We provide complete drayage solutions, seamlessly transferring containers between ships, rail and trucks. Our intermodal coordination minimizes handoffs, improving security and accountability. Reach new customers worldwide while we take care of the shipping logistics from start to finish.

International Customs Brokerage

Navigating customs clearance for international shipments can be tedious and time-consuming. Let Direct Drive Logistics handle customs brokerage so your freight sails through rapidly. Our experienced team guides you in properly classifying goods to determine associated duties or taxes. We research agreements to legally minimize fees before accurately preparing and filing all customs documents in origins and destination countries on your behalf - including commercial invoices, bills of lading, packing lists, cargo release orders and more.

Trust our customs specialists to handle the intricate details so you can concentrate on your day-to-day operations. Our brokerage services maximize your profits by expediting customs and controlling costs. Stop wrestling with customs paperwork and regulations. Lean on Direct Drive Logistics to expedite processes and keep your global freight moving.

International container freight shipping solutions


45 Foot Container Dimensions


Useable cube (cu. ft.): 3,050


Length (ft.-in): 44-6
Width (in.): 92
Height (in.): 106.5


Width (in.): 92
Height (in.): 102.5


48'' x 40'' (units): 24
48'' x 42'' (units): 22


Container only (lbs.): 8,550
Container w/chassis (lbs.): 16,950

For large-scale international freight, our 45-foot containers offer maximum cargo capacity. With 3,500 cubic feet of storage and room for up to 24 pallets, it's the largest container in our fleet. 

Ideal for oversized loads, this container provides a wide 102.5-inch door opening and expansive interior dimensions - 44' 6" long, 92" wide and 106.5" high. You'll have ample space to optimize shipments between ports or across borders. 

Our freight experts help select the most cost-effective 45-foot container transport whether by road, rail or sea. We secure only top-paying intermodal loads to maximize your shipping budget. With additional 40- and 20-foot options, we provide containers for any import and export applications. 

Trust our logistics specialists to optimize your large-volume international shipments. Our 45-foot containers provide unrivaled capacity to grow your global business. Get in touch today to ship bigger, better and more profitably. 

What ships in a 45-foot container? 

A 45-foot shipping container can hold: 

  • About 24 standard pallet units (48"x40" or 48"x42")
  • Large-scale cargo too big for 20 or 40-foot containers
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