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Portland, OR Freight Broker

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TL & LTL Freight Brokers for Nationwide Cargo Shipments to and from Portland, Oregon

Direct Drive Logistics coordinates domestic ground and air shipments from the Portland, Oregon to locations throughout the United States. Our truckload brokers have quick access to the best owner operators and motor carriers in the country. DDL Oregon freight brokers work with only the most reliable truck drivers to ensure your freight is shipped on time with NO damage.

Connect freight to the top, most reliable owner operators across the United States for cargo moving to or from Portland, Oregon. Direct Drive Logistics coordinates reliable truck drivers and motor carriers to deliver freight safely and efficiently.

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Portland Logistics Consultants solve your shipping problems…cost-effectivelyPortland Freight Logistics Broker for FTL & LTL shipments

Profits are vital to both survival and success in today’s world. So Portland businesses strive for the most profitability. It doesn’t matter if they deliver only in the city or further out to Eugene, Salem or Hillsboro. Cost-effective shipping always has a positive impact the bottom line. Portland companies come to Direct Drive Logistics for expert less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) freight shipping solutions – to Portland, to Oregon, to the entire West Coast, to the whole nation and to the whole world. Our skilled Oregon logistics consultants provide highly dependable, promptly expedited, flexible shipping. Whether it’s a 53-foot long box to Gresham. a 44-foot trailer to Bend, a Step deck to Beaverton, or a Straight truck with on a hot shot run to Medord, Direct Drive Logistis delivers a full truckload of options.

Direct Drive Logistics is your best source for cost effecitve Portland shipping solutions get a Free Logistics quote today!

Portland Logistics Consultants solve your shipping problems…nicely

What’s more, our freight brokers provide all this with a pleasant demeanor which is often surprising to new customers. Existing companies have come to expect it. We are genuinely committed to your success. We want to succeed by helping you succeed. These aren’t just words. They are what we are. Portland shippers truly appreciate the personal, caring attention of each Direct Drive Logistics broker. We directly partner with you to achieve the finest possible shipping solution available for every load.

Port of Portland drayage service

Drayage work plays a critical role in getting your freight to its final destination. Efficient drayage services help ensure your cargo reaches its destination on time. Our team has the equipment, qualified drivers, and years of experience to handle drayage work around the Port of Philadelphia. No matter how short the distance, Direct Drive Logistics will provide your company with cost-effective and efficient drayage work. 

Portland Logistics Consultants solved other shipping problems…like yours

These case histories from the Portland area show how our logistics consulting provided solid, effective planning -- combined with an attitude from the sunny side of the street. You’ll see the whole range of logistics solutions we’ve provide. Call our logistics consultants today for a free estimate, or contact us via this website to discover your solution. And by the way, go Trailblazers!

Owner Operators can steer toward a better life with Direct Drive

Direct Drive Logistics is run by friendly and dependable logistics experts. If you are an available owner/operator and you want to deal with professional brokers who know how to keep your trailer busy hauling cargo, contact us soon.

Portland Trucking Laws and Regulations

Portland has laws & regulations regarding the size of loads and required permits needed when shipping freight through the state. Learn more about trucking laws and regulations in Oregon.

Contact our expert Portland shipping team to find a freight Logistics solution to cut your costs and achieve maximum profitability.

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