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Mexico Freight Broker for International Shipments

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Connect freight to the top, most reliable owner operators across the United States for cargo moving to or from Mexico. Direct Drive Logistics coordinates reliable truck drivers and motor carriers to deliver freight safely and efficiently.

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Mexico Freight Specialists

TL & LTL Freight/Customs Broker for Mexico Cargo Shipments

The best freight Broker Company to get your shipment into Mexico faster. We broker transportation for your shipment to reach our Laredo facility for smooth and efficient cross into Mexico—often weeks ahead of other companies through our lengthy history dealing with Laredo customs clearance.

Your business reputation is only as good as the transportation and logistics teams you hire. Without their ability to get your cargo to its destination quickly without incident, your business would be at a loss. Invest in a personalized, efficient logistics company that ensure your cargo gets in and out of Mexico safely & quickly.  

For shippers moving cargo across the border, the freight broker of choice is Direct Drive Logistics. Our TL brokers have access to numerous types of trucks and containers to find the perfect transport for your cargo and get it shipped quickly and efficiently.

Logistics services for freight transportation to Mexico

Direct Drive Logistics provides the most inexpensive, efficient, and safe shipping solution for your international transportation. Invest in the value of your company by partnering with the best international logistics company for Mexico & US cargo. 

We handle every aspect of the process including insurance coverage, connection owner-operators with motor carriers, and real-time tracking on all shipments. 3PL professionals at Direct Drive Logistics works with you to create a personalized, individual freight plan in accordance with your needs. 

LTL Shipping Broker for Mexico-to-

Timing and paperwork are absolutely necessary in sending a less than truckload shipment across the border. If a shipper fails to fill out a form properly or doesn’t have his credentials, then your shipment is stuck being inspected at the border for several weeks—and you’ve lost a valuable customer.

Avoid the hassle and the headache, partner with DDL and we’ll coordinate proven-reliable LTL shippers to carry your cargo across the Mexico border with our customs clearance operators handling all the fine-print paperwork. 

Mexico Flatbed Truck Load Broker

Flatbed Truck Load Brokerage

Finding a reliable flatbed from Mexico to Chicago doesn’t need to be a challenge. Direct Drive Logistics has a number of trusted owner operators running flatbed shipments in and out of Mexico every day. We can connect you with step-down or standard deck trailers, ensuring you find the right trailer for your shipment.

Dry Van LTL Truck Load Broker in Mexico

Dry Van Truck Load Brokers

Whether you have an LTL shipment or enough cargo for several dry vans, you can trust Direct Drive Logistics to pair you with experienced owner operators. New York bound freight will breeze through Mexican customs. Direct Drive Logistics has a number of drivers capable of safely and quickly bringing LTL shipments or FTL orders across the border.

Mexico Conestoga Truck Load Broker

Conestoga Truck Load Brokers

Conestoga trailers offer the versatility of flatbeds and the protection of dry vans. Shippers can strap products to the bed of a Conestoga trailer, offering superior security during shipping. Removable curtain sides make it unnecessary to move items in and out of a dry van with a forklift, ensuring the finish or moving parts on your product stay intact.

Direct Drive Logistics truck load brokers utilize a host of freight shipping carriers for domestic and international shipments.

Fast custom clearing at the Mexico border

Our team of logistics professionals will come up with the most cost-effective way to get your shipment in or out of Mexico; with the right paperwork to get it to its destination faster. There are specific forms that customs officials look for with freight transportation from USA to Mexico, including:

  • Straight Bill of Lading & Instructions
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration (filed on the Automated Export System, AES)
  • Import PedimentoNAFTA Certification of Origin (advised)

If you’re shipping Mexico to the United States, you’ll need:

  • Orden de Servicio (Mexican Bill of Lading & Instructions)
  • Export Pedimento
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin (advised)

All files should be completed in Spanish and English to ensure paperwork is accessible to all parties at the border. Our Laredo brokers are fluent in both English and Spanish to make freight forwarding and customs clearance smooth and efficient. 

With Direct Drive Logistics at the helm of your shipment, you can be assured your goods will pass customs safely. All the necessary paperwork will be there and freight will arrive in Mexico without incident. 

MEX Postal codes by district or state:

20: Aguascalientes

00-16: Distrito Federal

62: Morelos

80-82: Sinaloa

21-22: Baja California

34-35: Durango

63: Nayarit

83-85: Sonora

23: Baja California Sur

36-38: Guanajuato

64-67: Nuevo Leon

86: Tabasco

24: Campeche

39-41: Guerrero

68-71: Oaxaca

87-89: Tamaulipas

29-30: Chiapas

42-43: Hidalgo

72-75: Puebla

90: Tlaxcala

31-33: Chihuahua

44-49: Jalisco

76: Queretaro

91-96: Veracruz

25-27: Coahuila

50-57: Mexico

77: Quintana Roo

97: Yucatan

28: Colima

58-61: Michoacan

78-79: San Luis Potosi

98-99: Zacatecas

Get your cargo south of the border on time without incident with THE brokerage specialists at Direct Drive Logistics today.

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