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Indianapolis to Chicago Freight Broker

Freight Brokerage and Logistics Company for Shipping from Indianapolis to Chicago

Expedited Shipping Services for Furniture Manufacturers

Direct Drive Logistics provides an Indianapolis, IN furniture manufacturer with 24/7 coverage for urgent shipments. Delivery of high-value furniture requires expertise and precision, where mistakes can have severe financial consequences, such as when furniture is not available for the start of a scheduled event.

For a leading Indianapolis furniture manufacturer, Direct Drive Logistics handles expedited shipping of frames, couches, and other high-value furniture going to hotels, sporting events and other special events in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Direct Drive Logistics staff are available around the clock to handle weekend and off-hour delivery requirements. Says the company’s traffic manager, “If there is a delay, Direct Drive people are on the phone or email letting us know the status. Direct Drive people will ring me up at 2:30 in the morning and let me know what’s going on. That’s what we need.”

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Freight Broker for Shipping to and from Indianapolis and Chicago

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24/7 Indianapolis Logistics Company Works Non-stop

We call each company we work with partner, but we don’t exactly share work. Meaning when an Indianapolis finds our 3PL company, we take all of the heavy lifting off our partner’s shoulders and focus on providing the most cost-effective logistic solutions. It doesn’t matter if you are a leading furniture manufacturer or a smaller company with lesser needs, we offer full truckload (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL) and any other shipping requirements for trucking shipments from Indianapolis to Chicago and across the rest of the country.

When our furniture manufacturer and logistics partner selected us to handle their Indiana to Illinois shipments, they could not have made a better decision.

Shipping Solutions in Indianapolis, IN and Chicago, IL

Freight Brokerage Services in Indianapolis, IndianaThird Party Logistics Company in Chicago, IL

3PL freight brokers at Direct Drive Logistics offer truckload freight shipping solutions at every level including:

  • Citywide
  • Statewide
  • Nationwide
  • Worldwide

Direct Drive would not have the reputation as one of leaders in the logistics industry without providing constant feedback and updates for the cargo on all of our shipping options from dry vans to flatbeds.

Utilizing Proper Containers Equals Savings on Shipping Costs

When a company attempts to handle logistics in-house, so many details can easily be overlooked. Imagine the way a kid would pack a suitcase versus the way an adult would handle it. The finished products will be drastically different, and the one lacking experience will ultimately cause headaches during the travel. One of the biggest overlooked details is all the ways things can be shipped.

Shipping from Indianapolis to Chicago is a pretty short journey, so we often employ standard dry vans, Conestoga trailers, flat beds or step deck trailers to get the job done. The trick is selecting only reputable owner operators to ensure shipments arrive in the least amount of time and absolutely no freight damage. Time and time again, Direct Drive Logistics delivers the best expedited, intermodal and over the road trucking solutions to minimize YOUR company’s freight budget.

Types of Pallets:

  • Grade 1A heavy duty pallets
  • Grade A
  • Grade B

Types of Non-Pallet Containers

...and many more

Th most efficient way to package our partner’s furniture or any other cargo is quickly determined by our logistics experts without any additional work required by your employees. With the addition of around-the-clock Direct Drive staff on call, you’ll never miss an issue in your shipments again from Indianapolis to Chicago.

Direct Drive Logistics is Indianapolis’ best dry vans and flatbed transportation anywhere in the nation.

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