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U.S Intermodal Freight Forward

U.S Intermodal Freight Forwarder

Partner with freight forwarder Direct Drive Logistics for domestic intermodal cargo, ground shipping, expedited shipping and everything in between. No one is better fit to deliver comprehensive & personal service.

Whether your domestic shipments need to make the short jaunt from Milwaukee to Madison or a long haul across the country, Direct Drive Logistics will get it wherever it needs to go. As experienced freight forwarders and freight brokers, we’re able to find the best solution and the best rate for your individual shipment.

Need expedited freight shipping? Direct Drive Logistics provides quotes online in just 10 minutes, giving you the best solution to get your freight delivered safely and on-time. Critical shipments wait for no one, which is why we offer around the clock shipping solutions to keep your business moving.

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Free Online Freight Quote

U.S Intermodal/Rail Freight Forwarder with Free Online Quotes

US forwarding service is 100% independently insured

Every member of our domestic owner operator network is fully insured for over the road, air freight, ocean freight, rail freight and intermodal freight shipping. Most freight forwarding companies in the USA only carry Contingent policies, which leave you vulnerable and liable for losses out of your control. 

We carry our own policies for Primary cargo/auto/errors and omissions, giving you one point of contact for all cargo claims. If you need to make a cargo claim, you won't get bounced around from one rep to another. You’ll speak with a Direct Dive Logistics representative familiar with your shipment.

US ground shipping services for FTL & LTL freight

We offer the best package forwarding service and advanced logistics management for both full truck load (FTL) and less than truck load (LTL). With real-time tracking and personalized service specific to your shipments, you can rest easy knowing direct drive is at the wheel. Our professional logistics coordinators will walk you through the best freight shipping solutions for your needs based on the amount of product and the location of the departure and destination.

No matter the size and contents of your freight we have the resources and shipping solutions to get your shipments moving in the right direction. 

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International Freight

Our reach is global – from the UK to Canada, from Mexico to the USA or anywhere else. Direct Drive Logistics freight forwarders negotiate freight worldwide.

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US Freight Forwarder

From over the road to rail to air freight, Direct Drive Logistics coordinates freight shipments all over America. On-time deliveries at the lowest shipping rates.

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Air Freight Forwarder

Air freight forwarders at Direct Drive Logistics assure fully insured deliveries for domestic and overseas shipments delivered via aircraft.

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