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The BEST load board for shippers is actually a dedicated freight broker

Direct Drive Logistics makes shipping hassle-free and fraud-free

Online load boards have become increasingly popular for both shippers and owner operators. Many shippers are lured by the prospect of finding drivers at lower rates than brokers are offering. Like any business done online between complete strangers, however, there’s always the risk of getting scammed. 

One of the biggest problems with using load boards is that you simply don’t know who you’re dealing with. Scammers can register with a load board using a fictitious name and address and there’s nothing to stop them. If you’re looking for reliable, proven owner operators, you’re better off going through a freight broker.

How prevalent is fraud on Internet load boards, you ask? This excerpt from a blog on truckstop.com (one of the better Internet load boards) should give you a clue:

“Truckstop.com receives several reports daily from clients who have fallen victim to a number of different fraudulent activities. These scams include stolen identities, stolen freight, fuel advance scams, and more.”

Several reports daily! While this Truckstop.com article went on to explain that they post alerts on their Website about how to spot potential scammers and what to do about it, the fraud schemes still continue.

The pros and cons of online load boards

Despite the potential for becoming yet another victim of a scam, online load boards still attract shippers looking for a good deal. From a shipper’s perspective, there are pros and cons to online load boards. Here’s an overview:

Pros of online load boards

  • The boards are accessible 24/7 from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Most boards are either free to use or charge a low monthly fee to access
  • You can usually negotiate a low rate for your load

Cons of online load boards

  • Although many boards are free, or inexpensive to use, they typically charge for the more advanced services they offer (like FMCSA verification and financing of pre-approved loads)
  • Many boards can be difficult to navigate
  • Load boards are where many new drivers start out, so you’re less likely to get experienced drivers bidding on your load 
  • You have to handle rate negotiations with drivers
  • Scams are a continuing problem on many load boards

Why you’re better off with Direct Drive Logistics

Although online load boards have become increasingly popular, freight brokers are still preferred by many shippers—and for good reason. Direct Drive Logistics, for instance, only works with proven owner operators we have thoroughly vetted. We maintain a nationwide network of drivers we know can be trusted, who carry up-to-date insurance, and whose rigs meet all safety standards. We’ve done all the due diligence, so you don’t have to. 

The cost of working with Direct Drive Logistics is not significantly more than hiring a driver from a load board, especially when you factor in all the time you spend looking for a suitable driver, checking into the driver’s history (or attempting to), and negotiating a rate. It all takes time, often a lot of time.

For most shippers, the peace-of-mind when working with Direct Drive Logistics more than makes up for any marginal price difference. Another benefit: You don’t get bounced around from one broker to another when you have questions. You have one point of contact at Direct Drive Logistics from day one ‘til your freight is delivered. And if you like to know where your shipment is at all times, you’ll love being able to monitor its progress with our real-time satellite tracking updates. 

Direct Drive Logistics finds drivers for every type of load, including:

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