Sprinter Van Expedited Transportation Services

Cargo Van Expedited Shipping

Expedited freight needs expedited service. Direct Drive Logistics responds immediately to your expedited shipping needs offering Sprinter Van solutions.

Sprinter Vans are ideal for quick response expedited deliveries. They allow for hotshot shipments to ride directly from point A to point B, guaranteeing no cross docking and ensuring even the narrowest delivery windows are met. Available in a wide range of dimensions to accommodate the majority of common expedited loads. From short to long hauls, Sprinter Vans could be the cost-effective method for your expedited freight. We have the Sprinter expedited shipping solution to accommodate your delivery time constraints. No matter the haul, no matter the size, and nomatter the distribution window, Direct Drive Logistics will deliver. 

Sprinter Vans in Many Choices of Make, Model, and Size

Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Chevrolet and many other auto makers have a variant of the Sprinter Vans helping you meet your expedited shipping needs. 

Sprinters come with a variety of different cargo loads, cargo dimensions, maximum cargo weight, maximum cargo volume, etc. For example the Mercedes-Benz offers a variety of expedited Sprinter Vans. Their Mercedes Sprinter - short wheel base has a load length of 2.6 meters/8.5 feet and a maximum weight of 1,440kg or 3175 pounds. This provides enough room for 2 pallets or an assortment of shipping containers. The larger Mercedes Sprinter - medium wheel base offers a 3.5 meter/11.5 feet of load space. This is large enough for 3 pallets at a maximum weight load of 1,300 kg or 2,866 pounds. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - long wheel base is the largest of the Mercedes fleet of Sprinter van allowing for up to 4 pallets. The load length is 4.3 meters/14.1 feet. It has a maximum weight load of 1,250kg/2756 pounds.

The latest Sprinter Van, the Mercedes-Benz model 2015 is out! This vehicle offers a list of improved features:

  • Max Payload: 5,508 lbs.- So you can carry heavier cargo faster
  • Max Interior Height: 78.2”- This is nearly two inches more than the previous models
  • Cargo Volume: 329.3 cu. Ft. - More room means more goods in the storage area.
  • 2-Stage Turbocharged Diesel Engine- produces 265 lbs. per ft. of torque at 1,400- 2,400 rpm allowing you to pull more weight.
  • Rear Wheel Drive

Here are the 2015 models of Sprinter vans and cargo vans compared by height and weight capacities:

Sprinter/Cargo Van

Interior Height

Weight Capacity

Chevrolet Express


4,145 lbs.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


5,508 lbs.

Freightliner Sprinter


3,213 lbs.

Ford Transit


5,550 lbs.

Just tell our freight logistic brokers your needs and we will find the right shipping solution for you.

Your Time Sensitive Freight Transportation Partner

Direct Drive Logistics provides reliable pickup and on-time deliveries taking the worry out of expedited freight shipping. Simplify your expedited freight shipments today with Direct Drive Logistics.

We ensure your freight gets where it needs to go, safety and on-time with proper care and attention. Our logistics experts will assess your expedited freight requirements and coordinate the details. You can relax knowing our dedicated, caring logistics staff and our time-tested, freight management expertise will get your cargo delivered on-time and at cost.

Our expert, caring logistics staff and crew will assess your situation and determine if Sprinter Van expediting shipping is the right solutions for your individual fast delivery needs. As your partner in success, we pledge to bring any and all cost savings to your attention in order to contain your transportation costs. We will quickly and professionally deliver the Sprinter Van solution and around the clock freight management so you can be worry free and confident in your freight’s transportation.

Our Women Owned Logistics Company will make sure your time sensitive freight transport moves smoothly and efficiently and will provide the expedited freight shipping solution you need, when you need it. Contact our logistics team today!

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