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‘Hot Shot’ Tractor Trailer Expedited Shipping Solutions

Tractor Trailers Move Large Quantities of Hot Shot Cargo

If you have a ‘Hot Shot’ package needing to get to a location fast and a lot of money is on the line we can do it for you. If you need to move a high volume of expedited freight, out hot shot tractor trailer carriers are just what you need. Our brokerage firm has vast experience getting ‘hot shot’ freight on time when it matters the most. Get your freight moving today with our experienced freight brokers expedited tractor trailer shipping solutions nationwide. No other logistics company in North America gets you higher paying expedited trailer tractor loads.

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Connect freight to the top, most reliable tractor trailer owner operators across the United States. Direct Drive Logistics coordinates reliable truck drivers and motor carriers to deliver tractor trailer freight safely and efficiently.

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We broker loads for OTR and intermodal carriers.

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Freight Brokers Use a Variety of Means to Ship Expedited Freight

If you have freight which can be shipped by road, train, or boat we can expedite your intermodal freight. A benefit of intermodal freight is you use a variety of modes of transportation to get your goods to their location. And you don't have to unload and reload your freight. Full truck load (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) expedited shipping services are available. Or if you have smaller needs up to 4 pallets, we have access to a network of expedited Sprinter vans our logistics consultants can help you with. We will evaluate your critical expedited freight shipping requirements and offer fast response assessments on the right solution. We provide complete transportation management, from pickup scheduling to on-time deliveries, following your freight as if it was our own every step of the way. The Direct Drive Logistics staff and crew are dedicated to getting your large freight and large volume loads delivered fast. We pride ourselves on our expedited freight quality service and continued customer satisfaction.

For transporting your time crucial goods and materials from point A to point B on schedule and at cost, trust in Direct Drive Logistics as your freight transportation partner. Fast response, immediate solutions, and expedited arrivals start with Direct Drive Logistics.

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