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Cargo Van Just In Time Delivery Service

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows the use of trucks for carrying freight is at its highest now in a 5 year period. Trucks are also the leading mode of all freight options. There are several kinds of trucks we employ to meet your delivery needs. For your smaller deliveries we offer cargo vans.

When it comes to rush freight shipments, you can’t afford to risk trusting your freight with just any logistics consultants and carriers. Trust your time-and-budget-sensitive freight brokers with Direct Drive. Experience the same dedicated logistics services many have come to expect. Choosing DDL gets you fast response, fast results, and fast deliveries essential to expedited shipping.

Your best options for just-in-time delivery

Increasingly popular in the US market, the Ford Transit, can be argued as the best choice for small cargo van delivery services. Depending on the type of cargo you want delivered, and the year of the van, the Ford Transit offers models with wheelbase versions: long (130 inch), regular (148 inch), and long-extended (148 inch with a longer body and higher roof). The more cargo you need to transport the more beneficial a long wheelbase version will be to you, since it will be more stable. With the regular wheelbase comes better steering. 

The high roof features an impressive 81.5 inches in height- a roof taller than its main competitor, the Sprinter, and overall best figure in cargo van height. Imagine how many more goods you could fit in this vehicle with this height. There are 3 engines offered for the Ford Transit. For better gas mileage, there is the Ecoboost V6. For an order requiring towing and hauling large loads then the best engine is the 3.2-liter turbodiesel 5-cylinder. Otherwise the 3.7-liter V6 with its 266 horsepower is the engine to use for high performance.

Another oft-represented cargo van is the RAM ProMaster. This cargo van’s standard engine is a 20-hp 3.6-liter V6. Its interior height is 76 inches matching the Sprinter. With a payload capacity of 4,417 lbs. the ProMaster is an excellent choice for expedited freight shipping.

Expedited Alternatives for Speedy Deliveries

Direct Drive Logistics is your expedited freight transportation partner providing quick Cargo Van solutions. Cargo Van expedited shipping is a cost-effective method of moving smaller, just-in-time shipments across the nation. With cargo van expedited shipping, we'll find you the carrier to get your freight to its destination on your schedule.

An alternative to using a traditional cargo van is the Sprinter van. The Sprinter, made by Freightliner, Dodge, and Mercedes-Benz, has been the king of the full-size cargo vans for years. The tallest size roof of a Sprinter is 76.4 inches on the inside allowing for 90 cubic feet of cargo space. Until the Ford Transit, the Sprinter was tallest vehicle interior. The Sprinter has a payload capacity of 3,000 lbs. and a 5,000 lbs. towing capacity so you can carry heavier cargo or simply more of the small goods. Regardless of which van is on top, both the Ford Transit and the Sprinter can be just what you are looking for in transporting your goods. 

How fast do you need your shipment delivered?

No matter the haul, shipping container, size, or time requirements, Direct Drive Logistics will get your expedited freight delivered. We are your cargo van transportation partner providing the fast response solutions to your expedited freight transportation needs. Our dedicated staff and crew coupled with our safe, reliable carrier network is the driving force behind your on-time expedited freight deliveries. When you need fast response freight shipping, rely on Direct Drive Logistics.

When you have a need for same day delivery try using our expedited service and deliver your goods just-in-time. Imagine a customer has a demand for your product and they need it NOW. You can meet the demand by exceeding their expectations and put your product in their hands the same day. If your customer is an online store this could be a legitimate possibility. ExceedDDL Cargo Van

yourcustomer’s expectations by contacting Direct Drive Logistics and see what we can do for you.

Speedily Tracking your Shipment Through to Delivery, from Start to Finish

From confirming pick up schedules to ensuring on-time arrival, our dedicated logistics staff is behind your expedited freight every step of the way. Direct Drive Logistics delivers reliable cargo van shipping solutions to meet your strict expedited freight service requirement needs. We understand the time constraints of expedited shipments and will respond immediately to your rush shipment needs to deliver the speedy, reliable logistics services your business success depends on. Our woman owned logistics company delivers the time-efficiency, cost-savings, and assurance, when and where you need it most. Contact our dedicated, caring expedited logistics staff to get your time dependent freight moving.

Cargo vans are a reliable method to getting your smaller orders moving as fast as possible to their destination. No time is wasted in their speedy delivery and Direct Drive Logistics monitors their progress every step of the way to ensure they make their destination just-in-time. 


Contact our expert logistics freight consultants to find an expedited freight shipping solution to move your business forward.