20 Ft Container: Intermodal Logistics Consulting

20 ft Shipping Container Company Quote for Intermodal 3PL Services

Direct Drive Logistics has shipping containers for your every need, including our 20 ft. Intermodal carriers. With our 20 ft. Intermodal Shipping Container, it is easy to move your freight from one mode of transportation to another without the hassle of unloading and reloading it, whether your freight is full truckload (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL). Intermodal Shipping Containers are the perfect shipping solutions for convenience. Contact our freight logistics consultants to find your cost effective intermodal shipping solution today! 414.329.6464 or 1.877.633.5045. 

20 Foot Container Dimensions


Useable cube (cu. ft.): 1,169


Length (ft.-in): 19-4
Width (in.): 92.5
Height (in.): 94


Width (in.): 92
Height (in.): 90


48'' x 40'' (units): 10
48'' x 42'' (units): 10


Container only (lbs.): 5,400
Container w/chassis (lbs.): 11,600

Our 20 ft intermodal shipping container loads have the capability of holding 1,169 cubic feet of goods. It's large enough to hold up to 10 standard sized pallets of either 48"X40" or 48"X42" units. It's the smallest of our intermodal shipping containers. If you need a larger size shipping container we offer the 40 foot, 45 foot, and 53 foot containers. The long box 53 foot container holds up to 30 standard sized pallets. Whether you are moving goods overseas or across the country, our freight brokerage firm will help you find the best and most efficient route to your destination. Intermodal shipping allows you to easily switch between modes of transportation. Your shipping container can moved from train to truck to ship or any combination. One of the great benefits of intermodal shipping is you can switch modes of transportation without having to perform the costly and laborious process of unloading and reloading your goods. The flexibility of intermodal shipping allows you to move your goods fast and cost effectively. Call one of our logistic brokers today.

Our freight brokerage firm will help you move your goods to your destination using the best route and modes of transportation for your needs.