45 ft Container: International Logistics Consulting

For larger international shipment solutions, Direct Drive Logistics offer 45 ft. International shipping container soltuions. 45 ft. International shipping containers are reliable, secure, and are sure to accommodate your international shipping needs. Contact Direct Drive Logistics at 414.329.6464 or 1.877.633.5045 to find your cost effective less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) international shipping solution today!

    Length (ft.-in.) 44-6 Width (in.) 92 48'' x 40'' (units) 24 Container only (lbs.) 8,550
CAPACITY   Width (in.) 92 Height (in.) 102.5 48'' x 42'' (units) 22 Container w/chassis (lbs.) 16,950
Useable cube (cu. ft.) 3,050 Height (in.) 106.5            

The 45 foot container is perfect for your larger international shipping needs. It’s the largest in our international freight shipping fleet. Whether you are shipping door to door, or door to port, or port to port our freight brokerage specialists can help you with your needs.

It has a large capacity of 3,050 cubic feet of internal storage space and will hold up to 24 48"X40" pallets. This container has a large door opening to fit your freight. The width is 92 inches and height is 102.5 inches. Inside you'll be able to utilize 44 feet 6 inches in length, 92 inches in width, and 106.5 inches in height. If you require less container capacity we also offer the 40 foot and 20 foot containers.

Our freight brokerage team has the expert experience you need to get your freight to its destination on time most cost effectively. We get you only the highest paying 45 ft international intermodal loads. Whether you are shipping by road, by train, or by boat our logistic specialists can help you with your needs.

Contact a dedicated logistics broker today.