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Direct Drive Logistics is your partner for full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) shipping solutions. We handle every part of your logistics operation, from departure to destination. A Direct Drive Logistics representative awaits your call around the clock; we monitor your shipments all along the journey to ensure it's shipped as quickly and affordably as possible with no hiccups.

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Connect freight to the top, most reliable owner operators & drivers across the United States. Direct Drive Logistics coordinates reliable truck drivers and motor carriers to deliver FTL & LTL freight safely and efficiently.

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Direct Drive Logistics is Your One Point of Contact for all Logistics Operations

Frustrated by working with limited logistics organizations who must rely on a web of third party sources to get anything done? So are we. That's why we carry our own policies for insurance, including Primary cargo/auto/errors and omissions and contingent cargo policies. We identify risks associated with the motor carriers we work with, including:

  • If the carrier has a business location
  • Hold long they have held their motor carrier authority
  • If the motor carrier carries worker's compensation
  • Number of vehicles operated by the motor carrier

Our freight brokers with only the best owner operators in the country to ensure your freight is shipped expediently with no freight damage. The Direct Drive Logistics safety culture and self-accountability keeps our claims rate microscopic.


Load Brokers for Flatbed Trucking

Brokers for Flat Bed Truckloads

Direct Drive Logistics brokers dispatch flatbed owner operators nationwide, shipping freight coast-to-coast across the United States.

Load Brokers for Dry Van Semi Trucks

Brokers for Dry Van Loads

Semi truck freight brokers move LTL and FTL cargo utilizing dry van carriers of standard and unique sizes. We help you find available loads for motor carriers.

Load Brokers for Box Trucks

Brokers for Box Truck Loads

You've found the very best brokers for box trucks. Need hot shot or expedited shipping? We'll book hauling jobs for major trucking fleets.

Step Deck Truck Load Brokers Cargo Van Truck Load Brokers Sprinter Van Trucking Load Brokers Intermodal Container Load Brokers Conestoga Trucking Load Brokers Refrigerated Trucking Load Brokers

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Diverse Shipping Methods Keep Your Costs Low

Direct Drive Logistics has access to a wide variety of shipping carriers to ensure your cargo never wastes time sitting on a dock. We have connections to owner operators and motor carriers around the country, all specializing in their own shipping containers, including flatbeds, Conestoga trailers, intermodal containers, cargo and sprinter vans, and many more. 

Read more about our insurance offerings for more specifics on our primary and contingent cargo policies.

Freight Carriers for Domestic & International LTL/FTL Loads

Cargo van expedited freight load

Expedited Carriers

Freight brokers at Direct Drive coordinate expedited and hot shot freight using our relationships with owner operators of cargo vans, sprinter vans and other containers around the US.

  • Cargo Van
  • Sprinter Van
  • Straight Truck
  • Tractor Trailer
53' high cube intermodal freight load

Intermodal Carriers

Shipping via intermodal containers means limiting the need to unload and re-load freight on separate carriers over long shipments. Direct Drive situates your freight on intermodal carriers to minimize the chance of freight damage.

  • 20 foot domestic
  • 40 foot domestic
  • 45 foot domestic
  • 53 foot domestic
  • 20 foot international
  • 40 foot international
  • 45 foot international
Truck loads for over the road containers

Over the Road Carriers

Direct Drive Logistics trucking brokers deploy flatbed, Conestoga, step deck and dry van trailers to ship freight domestically. We find the best FTL and LTL shipping solutions for you.

  • Flatbed
  • Step Deck
  • Conestoga
  • Truckload
  • Volume LTL
  • Reefer/Refrigerated
  • Dry Van

Expedited Freight Loads for LTL Shipping

Expedited freight brokers at Direct Drive Logistics utilize a wide network of owner operators and motor carriers to intelligently coordinate shipments nationwide, from Los Angeles or San Diego all the way to New York or Boston. We trust in only the most reliable drivers and our experienced dispatchers to ship hot shot freight affordably and in a timely fashion.

3PL Company Provides Brokerage Services

Our extensive accessibility to several different types of expedited trucks means we can negotiate immediate brokerage agreements to find loads for independent operators, and our 3PL capabilities allow us to turn your immediate need into a long-term relationship. We can optimize your shipping budget and turn a frustrating cost center into something you can be proud of.

LTL expedited carriers

Truck load brokers connect drivers with high paying expedited LTL loads.

Volume LTL Freight Loads for Owner Operators

Expedited freight logistics brokers at Direct Drive minimize the delays typically associated with LTL freight. We monitor your LTL shipments from delivery to destination to minimize loading and unloading between multiple freight vehicles. Our LTL logistics brokers ensure shipments arrive just as they departed, with no freight damage and loss of value.

We provide the direct transportation solutions to maximize the value of your shipping budget. Our streamlined operations on account of years of experience in the logistics industry have helped us to a tremendous 99.9% claim-free record.

Direct Drive Logistics: Your Partner for Nationwide Shipping Solutions

Whether you're an owner operator of a flatbed trailer looking for a broker to hook you up with a high paying load, or a manufacturer looking to set up a long-term relationship with a 3PL company capable of optimizing your logistics operation, Direct Drive Logistics is what you're looking for. We perform brokerage services as well as comprehensive third-party service to ensure you're getting the best results for the money you're spending. 

Freight brokers at Direct Drive are proud to boast tremendous flexibility and an ability to decrease shipping costs by exhausting all options. For expedited freight and cross-country shipping, Direct Drive provides the best results for the lowest price.

Nationwide Truckload Brokers

Atlanta Truckload Broker Albuquerque Truckload Broker Baltimore Truckload Broker Birmingham Truckload Broker Boise Truckload Broker Boston Truckload Broker Buffalo Truckload Broker Burlington Truckload Broker Canada Truckload Broker Charleston Truckload Broker Charlotte Truckload Broker Chicago Truckload Broker Cincinnati Truckload Broker Cleveland Truckload Broker Columbia Truckload Broker Columbus Truckload Broker Dallas Truckload Broker Denver Truckload Broker Des Moines Truckload Broker Detroit Truckload Broker Houston Truckload Broker Indianapolis Truckload Broker Jackson Truckload Broker Kansas City Truckload Broker Las Vegas Truckload Broker Little Rock Truckload Broker Los Angeles Truckload Broker Manchester Truckload Broker Mexico Truckload Broker Miami Truckload Broker Milwaukee Truckload Broker Minnesota Truckload Broker New Orleans Truckload Broker New York City Truckload Broker Oklahoma City Truckload Broker Omaha Truckload Broker Orlando Truckload Broker Philadelphia Truckload Broker Phoenix Truckload Broker Pittsburgh Truckload Broker Portland Truckload Broker Sacramento Truckload Broker Salt Lake City Truckload Broker San Antonio Truckload Broker San Diego Truckload Broker San Francisco Truckload Broker Seattle Truckload Broker St. Louis Truckload Broker Tampa Bay Truckload Broker Washington DC Truckload Broker Wichita Truckload Broker Laredo Truckload Broker
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